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High-speed laminating machine

Smart start with one click, precise positioning by servo motion system. 

Corrugated with cardboard, cardboard with cardboard, cardboard with greyboard, all types of laminating jobs can be easily handled on our laminators.

High-speed laminating machine
Sheet feeder section
  • Streaming feeding system, max pile height 2.0m.

  • Shaftless servo paper output, easier to adjust and stable than the traditional linkage type, longer service life, less consumption.

  • Upper limit micro-switch and elevator motor brake, dual secure protection system.

  • The non-contact switch is used to control the frequent starting and braking of the elevator to avoid the electrical failure caused by the use of the contact switch.

Alignment transfer section
  • 2 sets of transfer belts together with press rollers and lever, can choose pushing or pulling alignment system.

  • Servo motor control system for substrate feeder together with top sheet detector.

  • Ensure a perfect synchronization between top and lower sheets.

  • Micro-adjusted mechanism while machine in operation, provides an accurate laminationg after gluing unit.

Substrate feeder section
  • Vacuum servo motor feeding system with alignment side guide, guarantee perfect feeding.

  • Mechanical alignment system to ensure all substrates are guiding straightly.

  • Dust remover device to avoid substrate board jam.

  • Servo motor intermittent feeding system, more safety and reliable.

  • When top sheet is unloaded, substrate feeding will stop automatically and show alarm warning.

Laminating unit
  • Larger size gluing roller to avoid glue spilt out.

  • Automatic adjust glue quantity and roller pressure by input thickness of the sheet.

  • Servo motor transmission front and side lays, ensures  ±1 mm laminating accuracy.

  • Conveyor system with uniform and balanced pressure to ensure optimum quantity in any type of work to be processed.

  • Movable upper conveyor mechasism. Independt motorized control.

Processed material

Paper board

Corrugated board

  • Processed material

  • Cardboard min  250 g/m²

  • Corrugated board types  E, F, B, C, A to 5layers

  • Capability

  • Paper size from  450x450 to 1450x1450 mm

  • Machine speed  160 m/min

  • Dimensions and Weight

  • Length  16 m

  • Width   2.5 m

  • Height  3.25 m

  • Weight  7.8  ton

  • Installation

  • Power supply   30 kW



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